CGI Photography

Our CGI Photography service is an exciting and cost-effective way of capturing that specific shot that you want. Our custom shoot service comes with everything you need providing you with a dependable bespoke creative service to match your requirements

  • You have control over where the shoot is taking place, just tell us the location and we will meet you there.
  • You will receive 40 images taken from several different angles, all in HDR format as well as a 360 panorama of the location in a high quality 32bit file.
  • Instead of paying for camera equipment, assistants and travel costs, have Infront Photography do it for you for a flat day rate plus any image license fees.
  • As soon as the shoot is over we will produce the images for you and have them ready within a maximum of 7 days or sooner if working towards a deadline.

Call us today to discuss your needs and we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment .